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A Simple Feature-Filled Way to Turn Any Gathering Into an Event

Make any party, pairing, or gathering an event by selling, sending, scanning and collecting tickets, taking payments, tracking attendance and so much more.

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How It Works

Setup A Free Account

Register for a free account and setup your event profile with a custom shop/company name and URL that you can share with friends, the world, and ticket-goers.

Create An Event

Create a single event, reoccurring events, or multiple events.. It can be for fundraisers, one-on-one sessions, private parties, or any gathering you can think of.

Configure Tickets

Select multiple options and free add-ons for your ticket sales. From discount coupon codes, auctions, limited numbers, and multi-leveled ticket prices and benefits.

Manage Admissions

Share and sell your tickets and we process all payments, deposit into your account, and even handle refunds. All you need to do is scan the tickets with our free scanner.


Accept Multiple Payment Methods

Accept payments on multiple processing platforms including paypal, stripe, major credit cards, and even leading block chain crypto currencies.

Multi-Tiered Ticket Levels & Add-Ons

Create multiple levels of tickets with variable perks and benefits and add valuable bonuses such as special access rights, digital downloads, and merchandise.

Private Parties & Hidden Meetups

Not all events are public. Allow ticket purchasing to a limited number, invite only, or ticket purchases between one or select individuals.

Ticket Auctions & Countdown Sales

Offer tiered pricing based on timed purchasing windows with automatic count down price fluctuation and auctions for limited ticket types.

Single Bookings & Appointments

Allow ticket purchases based on availability using scheduling calendars for one-on-one meetings with set dates and times, for hours of operation.

Ticket Pre-Ordering & Waiting Lists

Allow advanced purchasing to gauge potential event attendance, limited ticket availability, and automatic waiting lists for sold out events.

Auto-Generated Bar & QR Codes & Scanner

Enable auto-generated bar codes and QR codes on tickets and use the free scanner to scan tickets at your event to track and validate event attendance and entry.

Custom Coupons & Refillable Gift Cards

Offer unlimited coupon offers or sell refillable gift cards for your upcoming events with the ability for your customers to store funds in an account for future events.

Event Q&A and Customer Surveys

Enable a Q&A section for events to engage with event goers and send post-event surveys to receive valuable insight and feedback to enrich your next gathering.

Auto Abandoned Cart Service

For potential event-goers who forget to complete their purchase, we automatically send follow-up emails to increase your online ticket purchases on your behalf.

Auto Sent Event Review Reminders

We encourage event-goers to review your event to increase attendance to your future gatherings by auto-sending review requests to ticket buyers.

SMS Text Alerts & Customer Notifications

Ticket buyers get automated yet personal text notifications after purchase as well as updates and reminders as your event draws closer to ensure they attend.

Start a Gathering